What To Do if You Have Flat Feet

Flat feet can cause pain in your feet and legs, uneven wear on your shoes, and may even affect your balance. If you've been experiencing these or other issues, it's time to pay a visit to your Salem, OR, podiatrists, Drs. James Lisle, Trevor Tippets, and Bryce Rich.

How to ease the symptoms of flat feet

Without strong arches, it's difficult for your feet to support the weight of your body. Flat feet not only cause pain in your feet but may also affect the alignment of your legs, hips, and back, triggering pain in these areas.

Your arches might have weakened or collapsed due to an injury, disease, years of wear and tear, spending too much time on your feet, wearing shoes with inadequate support, or a too-tight Achilles tendon. In some cases, the arches fail to develop properly during childhood.

No matter what the cause, your Salem foot doctors can offer a treatment strategy that can ease your symptoms. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Orthotics: Orthotics are shoe inserts custom-designed for you by your podiatrist. The inserts not only offer proper support for your arches but also absorb shock and improve foot alignment. Wearing orthotics regularly is a simple way to reduce foot and leg pain. When your arches are supported, you may also notice an improvement in balance. Good balance is essential if you run or play sports and also helps you avoid falls and injuries.

  • Stretching Exercises and Physical Therapy: Daily exercises can be very helpful if you have flat feet. Your podiatrist may recommend a few exercises or suggest you visit a physical therapist. During therapy, you'll participate in activities and exercises that keep your Achilles tendon flexible, reduce pain, improve mobility and your gait, and strengthen the muscles in your feet and legs.

  • Braces and Taping: Taping your foot or wearing a brace reduces pressure on your foot, allowing healing to take place if your condition is caused or worsened by an injury or inflammation of a tendon in your mid-foot.

  • Surgery: Surgery isn't usually necessary for flat feet, but may be needed if your condition doesn't improve after trying other treatment strategies.

Have your flat feet been bothering you? Call your podiatrists in Salem, OR, Drs. James Lisle, Trevor Tippets, and Bryce Rich, at (503) 588-8188 to schedule your appointment.

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