Signs You Have Sprained Your Ankle

An ankle injury of any kind can quickly affect your ability to perform simple tasks like walking or standing. An ankle sprain is a painful and ankle sprainfrustrating condition which could have significant healing times and keep you off your feet. Luckily, understanding the signs and symptoms of a sprained ankle allows you and your doctor to work together to diagnose and treat this irritating condition as soon as possible. Find out more about sprained ankles with Dr. James Lisle and Dr. Lee Poston at Cascade Foot Center in Salem, OR.

Broken Bone vs. Sprained Ankle
A sprain may be hard to distinguish from an actual broken bone. However, there are some key things to keep in mind to determine if your ankle is broken or sprained. A sprain affects the soft tissues of the ankle and a break affects the actual bones themselves. Often, if your pain is localized above the ankle bone, you probably have a break. Pain in the areas around the ankle, especially in the soft tissues, is often a sprain. If you cannot put any pressure on the affected foot, it is most likely broken, as you may be able to put some amount of pressure onto a sprain.

How will my doctor diagnose my sprained ankle? 
The only way to truly rule out a broken bone and determine that your ankle is sprained is to use imagining techniques like an x-ray to visually see the affected bones and soft tissues. However, if you are unsure that your injury is serious enough to see a doctor, you can use the RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) method for two to four days. If you see improvement, you probably have a sprain. If you are unsure or in pain, seeing your podiatrist for a solid diagnosis is your best option.

Sprained Ankle Treatments in Salem, OR 
If you think you have a sprained ankle, your podiatrist can help you determine the best course of treatment moving forward at a foot examination. For more information on sprained ankles or their symptoms, please contact Dr. James Lisle and Dr. Lee Poston at Cascade Foot Center in Salem, OR. Call (503) 588-8188 to schedule your appointment with your Cascade podiatrist today!

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