What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feetFlat feet is when a person's entire sole touches the floor when standing. This can be problematic for many individuals, which is why your Salem, OR, podiatrists, Drs. Lee Poston and James Lisle, are here to help.

More on Flat Feet

Symptoms of flat feet manifest during late childhood. If a toddler or young child experience foot pain, you may need to visit your Salem podiatrists. According to the American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society, older individuals may also develop flat feet later in life.

Flat feet aren't usually painful unless someone is playing sports or doing any sort of strenuous activity. If shoes wear unevenly, people may experience mild discomfort.

Flat feet are caused by several things. They could be congenital, caused by tarsal coalition, which is a separation of the foot bones and worn out joints may contribute to the problem. Flat feet developed during old age is usually due to tissue breaking down.

Podiatrists use several tools and tests to assess feet. They refer to physical examination and x-rays

Treatment Options:

There are several treatment options for flat feet.

  • Physical therapy to improve the health of your feet
  • Braces, if simple measures fail to provide relief
  • Custom-molded arches in orthotics, usually made to relieve pain and provide support
  • In-shoe orthotics and shoe inserts to aid in walking comfortably and provide support
  • Painful flat feet that don't respond to non-operative measures may require surgery

Flat feet can be a painful and serious foot problem. If you have any questions or concerns about flat feet, you should contact your Salem, OR, podiatrists, Drs. Lee Poston and James Lisle. They have the expertise to help figure out and treat your foot issue. You may contact them at (503) 588-8188.

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