FAQs about Diabetic Foot Care

How your foot doctors in Salem, Oregon can help your feet when you are diabetic

If you have diabetes, it's a simple fact that your feet need special care and attention. After all, diabetes wreaks havoc on many of your body’s systems including your immune, circulatory, and nervous systems. Accordingly, your extremities, including your feet and toes, are especially vulnerable. Fortunately, the foot doctors here at at Cascade Foot Center in Salem, OR, can help you and your feet stay in top shape

Read on to learn more about diabetic foot care, and give our office a call if you need any podiatric care.

How common is diabetes?

According to the American Diabetes Association, over 29 million people in the United States have diabetes.

What are some of the effects of diabetes on my feet?

Your nervous system may be impaired, which means you could hurt your feet and toes and may not even realize it. Foot injuries that go untreated have a chance of developing into open ulcers or infections because your immune system is also not functioning well. Lack of blood flow to your extremities is a way diabetes affects your circulatory system. When your feet and toes don’t have adequate blood flow, soft tissue can die, potentially resulting in the amputation of toes or in severe cases, your feet.

How can I protect my feet if I have diabetes?

You should always wear supportive, comfortable shoes and avoid going barefoot so that you don’t injure your feet. Keep your feet clean by thoroughly washing and drying them every day. Apply moisturizing cream to keep your skin from drying out. Keep your toenails trimmed straight across to avoid ingrown toenails. Check your feet regularly by looking for any cuts, blisters, or other injuries, apply antibiotic cream, and bandage any affected areas.

How can my foot doctor help my feet?

Regular foot examinations are especially important when you have diabetes. During these appointments, your foot doctor can check your feet for any injuries and treat them to avoid infections. Your foot doctor may suggest custom-fit orthotics or footwear to help protect your feet and keep them healthy. One of the most important things your foot doctor can do to help you is to educate you on the effects of diabetes and how to care for your feet.

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