What Are Hammertoes?

You may have difficulty walking, wearing your favorite shoes, or standing without pain. If your toes are in pain, visit Cascade Foot Center in Salem, OR, to have your hammertoes treated.

What are hammertoes?

Hammertoes are conditions of the foot where the joint in the toe remains flexed. Sometimes the hammertoes are flexible due to the curvature of the toe, such as a pinky toe. Tendons that have stiffened into a position causes more rigid hammertoes. Corns on top of the toe joint often accompany hammertoes.


Stiffness, throbbing, and inability to extend through the toe are common signs of hammertoes. Sometimes the pain increases as the toe fold underneath itself. Hammertoes can sometimes flex over other toes, making it difficult to walk and maintain balance.


Preventing hammertoes is simple and critical to having healthy, comfortable feet. Try purchasing shoes at the end of the day when you have done all of your walking and your feet are already enlarged from the exercise.

Foot imbalances are a common reason why patients present with hammertoes. One foot may be stronger than the other, compensating for weaknesses in the imbalanced foot.

Wearing high heels and shoes with pointed, tight toe boxes are more likely to pinch the foot, causing bunions and hammertoes. Bunions push the first toe into the other four toes, and they might curl under to make room for the affected toe.

Treating hammertoes

Giving your swollen, painful feet a good soak is an excellent way to relieve the pain. Toe exercises that encompass stretching and flexing the toes on both feet is a straightforward way to keep your toes healthy and strong.

Sometimes hammertoes require surgery for full relief. For more information, call Cascade Foot Center in Salem, OR, for a consultation concerning hammertoe treatment at (503) 588-8188.

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